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Hiring Pipe Welders

Feb 2015

welderChanute Manufacturing is currently hiring Pipe Welders qualified in TIG welding of light to heavy-wall tubing. Please visit our Employment page for more information.


Utility Boiler Aftermarket

Providing engineering and fabrication services for coal, oil, and gas fired boiler heat transfer surfacing.



Chanute Tubular Services incorporates all of the manufacturing capabilities and expertise of the Chanute Manufacturing plant, plus the tubular processing equipment necessary to provide components and assemblies ranging from individual bent tubes to complete replacement coils.

Capabilities include tube bending, hot-bending for tight radius bends, weld overlay, and finning capabilities that include spiral and solid fin configurations. Chanute has a dedicated header fabrication shop equipped with TIG, FCAW, and Subarc welding stations and CNC prep equipment for branch connections and tubefield drilling/machining. Chanute also stocks a large inventory of loose tubes ready for quick delivery.

Boiler Types

Pulverized Coal Fluidized Bed Waste to Energy
Stoker Packaged Watertube Heat Recovery
Gas Fired Oil Fired HRSG

Products & Services

Superheater elements Reheater elements
Generating Banks Headers
Support systems Economizers (bare, finned, and spiral finned)
Tube Bending, incuding Tight-Radius Hot Bending Tube Swaging
Spiral Fintubes Finned Tubes


Materials, Fabrication & Testing

  • Extensive fabrication experience in high Chrome and Alloy materials T-91; T-23; T-11; T-22; Stainless; Inconel; Hastalloy.

  • Code Stamps & Qualifications include “R”; “S”; “PP”; “U” certification.

  • On-site capabilities for heat treatment, radiography, and hydro testing.

  • Customer inventory of materials program to support fast track fabrication and delivery.







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