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Feb 2015

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Optimus Engineered Products

Optimus Engineered Products (OEP) designs economizers for all types of boilers and steam cycle processes.

Economizer Economics

Economizers are used to recover the useful heat in exhaust or flue gas before it is released into the atmosphere and transfer it to the steam production cycle. This increases the overall boiler thermal efficiency, resulting in more steam with less fuel. Boiler efficiency increases by approximately 1% for every 40°F the flue gas is cooled. It is widely accepted in the industry that economizers provide a good return on investment and also help reduce carbon emissions.

Utility Boiler Economizer

Chanute produces economizers for utility boilers, which includes boilers fueled by coal, wood, oil, or other solid fuels to produce electricty from the boiler's high pressure steam.

These economizers are usually located in the back pass of the boiler and oriented with the tubes running horizontally. (Click on the picture to the right) The boiler feedwater runs through the economizer circuits in the opposite direction of the gas flow (called counterflow).

Bare tubes are typically utilized in order to minimize ash fouling, but some boiler OEM's design their economizers with finned tubes, either spiral or long finned. Chanute can produce economizer elements with either bare, spiral finned, or long finned tubes, and if you prefer, re-design your unit to one of the other tube-types. Chanute can also fabricate replacement headers for all utility boiler economizers.

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Package Boiler Economizer

Chanute has unique manufacturing capabilities that the Optimus engineers take full advantage of when designing sulfuric acid plant economizers and superheaters. Often this allows the Optimus units to be configured for higher heat transfer efficiencies which results in a reduced surface area requirement and, consequently, a lower-priced product.

Chanute utilizes its on-site capabilities to fin and bend the tubes, machine and fabricate the headers, drill the tubesheets, cut and prep all casing materials, and perform all of the pressure part and casing welds. This gives Otimus/Chanute more control of the manufacturing sequence and schedule which has helped us achieve a remarkable record of on-time delivery performance.


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Sulfuric Acid Plant Economizer

Optimus has been designing and manufacturing economizers for sulfuric acid plants since 1993 and has the necessary experience not only to design them, but to fabricate them with the highest standards of quality and workmanship. Plant operators want and depend on reliable equipment and Optimus/Chanute strives to provide the best in the industry. Because Chanute constantly fabricates tubular boiler equipment for the power and petrochemical industries, our ASME-certified pressure part welders are held to a higher standard of performance, and that workmanship goes into all of our products because we don't know any other way.

The units pictured to the right are currently in operation at the largest phosphates processing plant in the world, and are likely two of the biggest economizer units ever built. The designers of this plant entrusted Optimus/Chanute with this critical project.

Please visit our Sulfuric Acid Plant webpage for more information.

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HRSG Economizer

Economizers for today's HRSG modules are configured with fintubes that hang vertically. Chanute has fabricated economizer coils for virtually all of the HRSG OEM companies and understands the unique features of each. In many cases, utilities desire to upgrade their economizers from plain carbon steel to an alloy material to help resist flow accelerated corrosion (FAC) inside the headers and tube bends.

Chanute is a one-stop shop for economizer fabrication because we prep all the materials and perform all of the pressure part and attachment welding, from finning the fintubes, fabricating the headers, and assembling the coil bundle. This eliminates the need for your inspector to travel to multiple shops and cities to perform quality audits. And if you need economizer subcomponents such as headers, bent stubs, or replacement fintubes, Chanute is standing by ready to provide you with the hardware you need.

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Optimus is your most reliable source for Sulfuric Acid Plant Economizers and Superheaters

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