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Hiring Pipe Welders

Feb 2015

welderChanute Manufacturing is currently hiring Pipe Welders qualified in TIG welding of light to heavy-wall tubing. Please visit our Employment page for more information.


Optimus Ships Large Firetube Boiler

March 2014

demoOptimus Engineered Products designed and produced this waste heat firetube boiler that will extract heat from a 2100°F gas stream and produce 300,000 lb/hr of steam @ 740 psi.

firetube boiler

The system also included a smaller firetube boiler that shared a common steam drum. All units shipped on time for a March 2014 delivery.


HRSG Casing and Inlet Ducting

hrsg bundel insertionChanute has manufactured HRSG casing and inlet ducting for over thirty years. Our experience covers every type of internally insulated, floating liner design found in the industry. We support OEMs in the domestic market and supply replacement components to combined cycle operators. Our heavy steel fabrication capability combined with our product knowledge makes Chanute uniquely qualified. We understand the interface between pressure parts and the structure, thermal expansion considerations and gas baffle design.

hrsg casing erection

casing floating liner


hrsg inlet casing

HRSG transition ductwork







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