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Hiring Pipe Welders

Feb 2015

welderChanute Manufacturing is currently hiring Pipe Welders qualified in TIG welding of light to heavy-wall tubing. Please visit our Employment page for more information.


Optimus Ships Large Firetube Boiler

March 2014

demoOptimus Engineered Products designed and produced this waste heat firetube boiler that will extract heat from a 2100°F gas stream and produce 300,000 lb/hr of steam @ 740 psi.

firetube boiler

The system also included a smaller firetube boiler that shared a common steam drum. All units shipped on time for a March 2014 delivery.


Watertube & Firetube Waste Heat Boilers

Optimus optimizes the customers’ return on investment by studying critical operating parameters including space availability, operating temperatures, fuel consumption, system capacities and many other factors. Optimus unfired waste heat boilers recover valuable BTU’s from hot process gas or gas turbine exhaust. The boilers are designed and constructed to Section I of the ASME Code for Power Boilers and Section VIII.

Optimus offers these boilers with a variety of materials and casing constructions including internally insulated and lined, refractory lined and membrane wall construction. Membrane wall construction allows for a gas tight, water-cooled, inner casing useful for high temperature applications and corrosive gas (high SO2) applications. Optimus has extensive experience with all of the common alloys such as SA-213T11 and SA-213T22, as well as less common alloys such as SA-213T91, Inconel®, Hastalloy® and the many various grades of stainless.

Our Optimus designed boilers optimize the customer’s investment by studying critical operating parameters-including space availability, operating temperatures, fuel consumption, system capacities and many other factors.

In addition, the boilers we design are fabricated at our Chanute Manufacturing plant where we control the quality and workmanship. That's why at Optimus, "we manufacture solutions!"

Contract Fabrication

Chanute/Optimus also builds Waste Heat Boilers for many process engineering companies and OEM's. These engineering companies provide their thermal and mechancial design and Chanute produces the fabrication detail drawings and manufactures the boiler to applicable specifications. Alternatively, the customer can provide the thermal design and assign Optimus/Chanute the responsibility for the mechanical design.

Replacement in Kind

Plant operators periodically need to replace existing boilers and related components and Chanute is frequently a preferred provider of these replacement boilers. Chanute can simply perform an in-kind replacement, or review the original specifications and bring the design up to date with the current ASME Code.

Either way, Chanute/Optimus offers the best value for the money when you need a boiler.

Waste Heat Firetube Boiler

firetube boiler
1st & 2nd Pass Waste Heat Boiler inside Chanute's shop






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